Products (120)

Some products are quite simple, some are rather old and lack some programming experience, some of them are not as finished as they could be and with some I'm pretty satisfied in their current state. But all of them were at least either fun to write for learning or playing around or really, really useful to me and others. I hope you might benefit from them, too.

They come in two flavours: One consists of multiple files, wrapped into a single package. The other is a single-file, plain text release whose content is displayed as part of the page content, but also available for download (to avoid copy/paste errors).

  1. OrgaTalk Discord Orga Teams
  2. Scanner Soundboard
  3. SMFNotify
  4. Weitersager
  5. syslog2IRC
  6. syslogmp
  7. Chat Relater
  8. El Cuestionario
  9. DBB Ranking Parser
  10. Wallpaper Randomizer
  11. Create PLS playlists
  12. Find IP address for MAC address
  13. Randomly select and set a wallpaper
  14. gallerize
  15. BYCEPS
  16. Instruct an AVM FRITZ!Box via UPnP to reconnect
  17. Mnemonic Password Generator
  18. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock
  19. Generate a tag cloud
  20. Extract title and metadata from a reStructuredText document
  21. (Bullshit) Bingo Card Generator
  22. List directory contents as HTML
  23. Disc Flipper (Scala)
  24. Unix Rights Helper
  25. Number Converter
  26. Simple SQL shell for Tomcat resources
  27. Key/value ORM storage
  28. Create, update and remove wmii bar boxes.
  29. A simple hook system
  30. Switch between wmii tags
  31. Find missing numbers in a range derived from file names
  32. Instant File Provider
  33. HLSW Master Query
  34. Apache Auth Group Manager
  35. Base64 File Converter
  36. ID3v1 Reader
  37. Binary Clock
  38. Scroll a text on the console
  39. custom Irssi theme
  40. Count hits to matching URLs in Apache access logs
  41. A Conky configuration suited as lower screen bar
  42. Find the biggest files
  43. Find files with UTF-8 BOM (Byte Order Mark)
  44. Entitled URLs with Werkzeug
  45. File Catalog
  46. Output a table with ANSI terminal font colors and styles
  47. Redirect HTTP requests to the 'www' subdomain
  48. Show one-time ("flash") messages to users in web applications
  49. Dupe Detective - Find duplicate files
  50. Arena Lurker - Tray notification of local Quake 3 Arena servers
  51. Disc Flipper
  52. Generate all possible word permutations
  53. ICMP Knock Server
  54. Turn XML into XHTML via XSLT
  55. GTK bookmarks as pipe menu for Openbox
  56. Pastel Stripes Wallpaper
  57. (Un-)Stretch an image to all four sides
  58. Caching wrapper for callables accepting a filename
  59. Upraise
  60. Fake FTP Server
  61. Add PEP 8-compatible attribute aliases to an object
  62. Extract Jabber contacts from an xdb file
  63. Use native PHP templating
  64. Start/stop a daemon process
  65. Summarize adjacent values with the same algebraic sign
  66. Summation of hours for time reports
  67. Leechr - a (not yet) multi-thread mass downloader (using FTP, so far)
  68. glob() recursively in directories
  69. Extend Markdown to support wiki links
  70. Modify qTip so it supports more than one tag type
  71. Retrieve status information from a SHOUTcast server
  72. Determine image type using magic numbers
  73. Remove namespace in an XML document (using ElementTree)
  74. Decorator with optional argument to set a template
  75. Create date/datetime objects from strings
  76. Migrate SimpleTAL templates to Kid/Genshi
  77. Generate fake email addresses for spam harvesters
  78. Tabularize a list (e.g. for a website)
  79. Markup URLs and shorten their label if necessary
  80. Return preferred mime type for serving XHTML
  81. Poor man's gallery/download area/whatever
  82. Address Book
  83. Recognize recovered but uniformly named files
  84. Basecamp Wrapper
  85. On Tour
  86. Sort files in a version control repository by date
  87. aquatube Gauge
  88. Tab Switcher
  89. Log Googlebot visits
  90. Album Track List Generator
  91. Placemark Directory
  92. (Un)Roast a password sent via AIM/ICQ
  93. Database Abstraction Layer
  94. XML Parser
  95. HackTheNet Credit Juggler
  96. HackTheNet Hijack Servant
  97. Page Includer
  98. Nicely indent XML read from STDIN or a file
  99. Line Counter
  100. Basic Form Mailer
  101. Send a random (avatar) image
  102. Administer an Eggdrop bot
  103. Sort music files into artist directories
  104. Write IRC stats to file (e.g. to show on a website)
  105. IRC guest list allowing users to invite themselves
  106. Generate mnemonic passwords
  107. Crack Vigenere-ciphered text
  108. Announce news from a website on IRC
  109. Add, search and randomly display quotes
  110. Show the entry count from the Mitfahrzentrale
  111. Mucacha
  112. EuroCalc
  113. Local Host Info
  114. Simple Config Parser
  115. Add some psyBNC commands to mIRC menus
  116. files
  117. mod.ftpdb
  118. mod.guests
  119. Add some Quakenet services commands to mIRC menus
  120. Display a progress bar on the console