About This

This website came to life in the last days of the year 2001.

It is my place to archive thoughts, experiences, and cleaned-up code for my own reference as well as for others who might have a similar need or seek inspiration.

After all those years, I'm both impressed and shocked by how much stuff I have built and put here. So much time I could've spent in front of the TV instead!


The current site is generated by a web application built in Python with Flask and Werkzeug. It uses Jinja 2 for templates, reStructuredText (parsed by docutils with custom extensions) as content markup language, and Pygments for code syntax highlighting. With Frozen-Flask, the content is rendered to static pages.

The fonts in use are Liberation Mono (for source code) and Roboto (for everything else). The icons are part of Font Awesome by Dave Gandy.