Announce new threads and posts in a Simple Machines Forum instance by sending HTTP requests to a configurable webhook endpoint.


SMFNotify is intended to be invoked regularly, for example as a cron job executed every five minutes.

Each invocation fetches the feed, looks for new entries, and calls the webhook for each one before exiting.

A configuration file is mandatory to run it:

$ smfnotify --config config_example.toml

An example configuration file is included as config_example.toml and looks like this:

feed_url = ";type=atom"
feed_cookie_value = "<insert value of your 'SMFCookie10' cookie>"
last_processed_id_filename = "smfnotify.last_processed_id"
webhook_text_template = "{author} posted to forum: \"{title}\" - <{url}>"
webhook_url = "<your-webhook-path>"

To obtain the cookie value, log in to the forum, then use your web browser's debugger or an extension to look up the cookie named SMFCookie10.


SMFNotify is a port of a Python script I wrote in October 2015.


SMFNotify is licensed under the MIT license.