Add some psyBNC commands to mIRC menus


Screenshot of the psyBNC configuration popup menu in mIRC.

; psybnc.mrc -- Version 06-Apr-2003
; Copyright (c) 2002-2003 Y0Gi
; Adds some psyBNC configuration to the mIRC menubar
; and the status and channel window's popup menu.
; Install   with:   /load -rs psybnc.mrc
; Uninstall with: /unload -rs psybnc.mrc

menu menubar,status,channel {
  .Traffic log
  ..Play and erase:/quote PLAYPRIVATELOG | /quote ERASEPRIVATELOG
  ..Play:/quote PLAYPRIVATELOG
  ..Erase:/quote ERASEPRIVATELOG
  ..Set new away nick:/quote SETAWAYNICK $?="New away nick:"
  ..Set new away message:/quote SETAWAY $?="New away message:"
  ..Set new leave message:/quote SETLEAVEMSG $?="New leave message:"
  ..BNC quits on leave
  ...yes:/quote LEAVEQUIT 1 LEAVEQUIT 0
  ..Jump to next Server:/quote JUMP
  ..Show all servers in list:/quote LISTSERVERS
  ..Add another server to list:/quote ADDSERVER $$?="Server to add:" : $+ $$?="Port of server to add"
  ..Remove a server from list:/quote DELSERVER $$?="Number of server to delete:"
  ..List:/quote bwho
  ..Commands list:/quote bhelp
  ..Direct help:/quote bhelp $$?="Get help for this commannd:"