Wallpaper Randomizer

Sets a wallpaper (using the feh image viewer) randomly chosen from a directory.


Since I like to change my wallpaper on the tap of a button and flip through my collection until I find one that I feel comfortable with for the moment (depending on time of day, lighting conditions, atmosphere, mood, etc.), I ported my Python script to Rust to avoid booting up the Python interpreter for each call.


Just point it to a directory that contains images:

$ wpr ~/Wallpapers
  • Considered image file extensions (case-insensitively) are "gif", "jpeg", "jpg", and "png".
  • Sub-directories are not considered. This is so images can be moved into a sub-directory to exclude them from the random selection for the time being (in case you've seen them a bit too often recently) but still keep them nearby of the other wallpapers.


Wallpaper Randomizer is licensed under the MIT license.