Upraise is a thin web application framework.

Note: I consider Upraise outdated. Don't use it anymore. It came into existence as a package of common code I redundantly had in my Web applications. However, meanwhile Werkzeug provides a great WSGI library that I use as a basis for simple framework layers in my applications. Check it out and dump Upraise ASAP.

It is based on WSGI (see PEP 333 for more information) and utilizes the Paste library. This allows it to be deployed in various ways, including CGI, FastCGI, SCGI, mod_wsgi and as standalone HTTP server.

This is not a full-stack framework that requires specific external components to be used with. Instead, any desired component should be easy to integrate into Upraise, including template engines (e.g. Genshi, Mako, or Jinja 2), database abstraction layers/ORMs (e.g. SQLAlchemy), URL dispatchers (e.g. Routes, selector, or Upraise's own, very simple dispatcher), authentication and authorization mechanisms (e.g. AuthKit, or barrel), i18n toolkits (e.g. Babel) or whatever other component one might wish to make use of. Not to mention lots of WSGI middlewares that are available, although spread over multiple packages and sometimes redundant.

Upraise provides a basic, flexible framework that does require some better understanding of the components desired to be used, but comes without the overhead and maybe unsatisfying preselection that full-stack frameworks like TurboGears, Django and, although to a lesser extent, Pylons imply.