Releases tagged as "html" (18)

  1. DBB Ranking Parser
  2. gallerize
  3. Generate a tag cloud
  4. (Bullshit) Bingo Card Generator
  5. List directory contents as HTML
  6. Instant File Provider
  7. File Catalog
  8. Turn XML into XHTML via XSLT
  9. Turn Nested Lists Into a Collapsible Tree With jQuery
  10. Summarize adjacent values with the same algebraic sign
  11. Extend Markdown to support wiki links
  12. Generate fake email addresses for spam harvesters
  13. Tabularize a list (e.g. for a website)
  14. Markup URLs and shorten their label if necessary
  15. Return preferred mime type for serving XHTML
  16. Poor man's gallery/download area/whatever
  17. Tab Switcher
  18. Album Track List Generator