I *Do* Like Mondays!

Recently I mentioned some trouble I had experienced with forgetful Beaker sessions and flipping locales settings. Now they are gone! Great day.

Today I dug into the mod_wsgi configuration directives docs and finally tuned my Apache virtual hosts' configs. I'm not actually sure, if it were the use of WSGIDaemonProcess or WSGIProcessGroup that made my apps behave like intended, but anyway. I now also can see which Apache processes belong to which of my apps since they now run as the system user suitable for each of it (instead of just www-data). And for some extra tweaking, WSGIPythonOptimize might prove itself handy.

That's all great. No need to revert implementation choices I made, this stuff now works as I want it to. Especially for Beaker I see some further uses. I'm glad it wasn't its fault, its a really neat library.

Here on homework, authentication and restricted stuff is running smooth, no more random 403 appearances (which became to be quite a lot, recently). Again, after I left SQLObject, granted. However, I decided to fight my way into making this site base upon SQLAlchemy with no restrictions, and it wasn't easy, but here we are.

P.S.: I must admit that I've manually changed the posting date back by one hour because its title would just look a little stupid when posted on a Tuesday. But who knows, it might have been still Monday in your very time zone ;)