Problems Galore

What can I say? For nearly every problem solved, at least a new one surfaces.

Just after one of two major and serious issues I face seems to be solved (the other is a story of its own, involving Unicode, Paste and, as a temporary suspect, Markdown), it hits again. Speaking of the latter, Markdown, just being redeemed from being a troublemaker, is going at it again.

Update Surprises

I recently came accross a new version, 1.6b, released on August 18, 2007 (I'm going crazy on some strange date formatting systems, too). My hope, it would solve BigProblem #2 (changes to 1.6: "a bunch of bug fixes"), proved to be just wishful thinking.

1.6b is still not in the Cheeseshop, but that didn't seem too odd to me, since it isn't mentioned on the Markdown news page, either. To build an egg, I had to change the script to import setup() from setuptools instead of plain old distutils.

However, since the new installed version didn't seem to do anything wrong (although it didn't make anything better), I kept it on the server. At least it contains bug fixes, good enough for me.

Now, after submitting the previous news post, the multiline code blocks formatted with my [integration of Pygments into Markdown] looked quirky. Since I installed the current Pygments version 0.9 lately, I tried older releases with no success. While kicking the older, no longer needed eggs from my site-packages path, Markdown came to mind again. I replaced it with the 1.6(a) release from the Cheeseshop and everything looked fine again.

Great, now I have to go after the differences that caused me this trouble. Later. Let's hope somebody else will do in the meantime and there is a reason that 1.6b seems to be held a little bit under the cover.

And The Story Continues …

In the meantime, some ideas about why Beaker makes me sign in multiple times consecutively and seems to lose the session would be a welcome change …

Oh, not to mention the locales settings on the server that flip on both my German and English sites, rendering long month names almost useless for some visitors …